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Are you seeking a consultant to that can act as your partner on your next construction project? Apex Companies offers a wide range of professional construction management solutions, including owner’s representative services, wetland and stream mitigation, habitat construction, UST and AST management. Services for these solutions include a variety of stormwater tank options, specialized construction management including staff augmentation, and project management. Our clients can rely on our experience and creative approach, to provide exceptional service and results.

Owner's Representative Services/Construction Management Oversight

Also referred to as an owner’s rep, or owner's project management (OPM), the core duty of the owner’s rep is to protect the owner’s interests from 设计 through construction, ensuring a successful project outcome and identifying any technical, 成本, or 时间表 concerns as early as possible.

Often functioning as an extension to municipal staff throughout the planning, 设计, and construction phases, Apex has a team of highly experienced representatives to support and represent owners during construction projects. With owner’s representative and OPM experience in building, 公用事业公司, treatment facilities, and emergency projects, Apex has a longstanding history of building strong relationships between the owner, 设计师, and 承包商, ultimately ensuring that the owner’s interests throughout the planning, 设计, and construction phases are met, and delivering projects within the owner’s expectations of 成本, 时间表, 和质量. Apex’s owner’s rep team possesses the technical and management skills necessary to interface smoothly with owners, 架构师, 工程师, 承包商, and sub承包商; navigate procurement regulations; assist with 设计师 selection and contractor prequalification; and support contractor procurement and construction management, including 设计/build/operate projects.

We can also provide embedded staff, and acting as owner’s representative/OPM, also offer the following types of support:

  • Project management
  • Project controls
  • Maintaining an integrated 时间表
  • 健康 and safety protocol monitoring
  • Inspection and compliance testing
  • 安装 of fueling systems
  • Testing and disposal of soil/contaminated media
Owner's project management (OPM)
Owner's project management (OPM)

Underground and Above Ground Storage Tank (UST/AST) Services

  • 安装
  • Closure (removal/disposal or abandonment in place)
  • 维修
  • Inspection and compliance testing
  • 安装 of fueling systems
  • Testing and disposal of soil/contaminated media

Stormwater Tank and Structure Design, 安装, and Management

  • Roof and parking lot runoff containment systems-设计, installation and monitoring
  • Bioretention, rain garden and conveyance 设计, optimization, and monitoring
  • Greywater tank installation and maintenance
  • Rainwater harvesting system installation and maintenance

Related Construction

  • 安装 of fuel cell systems
  • Pedestrian bridge replacement and repair
  • Fueling systems canopy/building structures installation
  • 无人机的调查

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Stormwater Construction & 合规

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Construction Project Management

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