Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Many complex projects require drawing expertise from a wide array of disciplines and services including water, wastewater, stormwater, hazardous and solid waste, and geotechnical to identify the right solutions.

With experience in highly complex public and private engineering projects that draw from a variety of disciplines, Apex Companies provides comprehensive civil engineering services. Services include development planning, design, permitting, and construction administration of site/civil projects; peer reviews to assist our public clients evaluate design and community impact; geotechnical engineering; and drainage design. The strength of Apex’s in-house interdisciplinary team is the ability to collaboratively identify project complexity and bring together experts to predict obstacles, determine a comprehensive plan, and successfully achieve project goals while working closely with clients and stakeholders.

Drainage Design

An integral part of most projects, proper drainage design often determines the long and short term success of a project.

Without proper drainage, communities and clients face flooding, untreated runoff, and many additional environmental impacts. Apex understands the importance of drainage and provides design services on a variety of projects, from stormwater to transportation. Apex has assisted many municipalities to address inadequate existing drainage systems in a wide breadth of settings from small neighborhoods to complex urban networks with services including design, planning, bidding, and construction administration. Apex provides hydraulics, hydrology, wetlands, and water quality mitigation, which are directly related to stormwater drainage design, for private and public clientele, including various state DOT and municipal clients. Plans are tailored to the unique needs of our clients, taking into consideration available budgets, mapping resources, surface water quality impairments, groundwater source protection needs and overlapping concerns related to water supply and wastewater management.

Drainage design

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering

Geotechnical Engineering is a critical discipline as foundation support, earth retention, and hydrogeologic conditions influence the cost and success for a wide variety of projects.

Apex's team of geotechnical engineers, geologists, and hydrogeologists have performed investigations and formulated recommendations for many projects including large development, site grading and earthwork, utility design and construction, dam inspections and repairs, foundations for water storage tanks, pumping stations, and water and wastewater treatment plants.

Apex’s team has a complete understanding of what it takes to plan and coordinate subsurface investigations, execute and interpret sophisticated down-borehole testing methods by sampling and testing oil, rock and groundwater, and work with testing laboratories to assess soil, rock, and water for geotechnical and environmental properties. Over the years, Apex’s staff has worked on many geotechnical projects for a wide range of services including geophysical site investigations, compaction control, slope stability analysis and monitoring, soil property analyses, mechanically stabilized embankments, dewatering and support of excavation, retaining walls, micro tunneling, pipe jacking, and horizontal directional drilling.

Peer Reviews

With a team of highly experienced engineers accustomed to analyzing, designing, and permitting a wide array of transportation, site, water, sewer, and drainage projects, Apex provides peer reviews for municipal sector clients including Planning Boards, Public Works, Conservation Commissions, and Zoning Boards.

Municipalities frequently face the responsibility of identifying the positive and/or negative impacts a private development project would have on their community and infrastructure. While in most cases the benefit of increased tax revenue from these developments is easy to identify, it is imperative that all impacts are taken into consideration to make an informed decision. Apex is accustomed to providing these services to ensure that impacts identified by the proponent’s designs are accurate, comprehensive, and that the community’s best interests are being looked after. Working on both sides of private development projects has provided Apex with the experience needed to perform extensive evaluations and shed light on all types of impacts to be considered.

Peer reviews

Site/Civil Engineering

Site/civil engineering

Apex's staff of site civil engineers are adept at working with survey information to optimize grading and drainage, stormwater controls and detention system design, utility coordination, and parking and site traffic management, and has the experience needed to assess the implication of site design early in the process.

Apex’s team is fully versed in environmental and regulatory impacts and permitting requirements, and can effectively communicate any site issues to clients to be addressed early in the process, saving time and invaluable resources. Apex has completed detailed design for diverse site/civil projects, including general municipal facility site designs, detention basins, rain gardens and bioswale systems, walking trails, integration with water uses, man-made wetlands, permeable pavements, stormwater and erosion controls, recreational parks and athletic field complexes, transfer station upgrades, and landfill facility permitting and planning. In addition to design, Apex’s civil engineering team can provide independent design and peer reviews for projects including drainage, subdivision plans, and construction administration services.

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